Soundtrack de la serie que lo pidieron bastante, con música compuesta por Masato Coda, ya saben que se comparte!!


01. fantastic dreamer (TV-size)
02. The Adventure Begins
03. The Courageous HikiNEET
04. Goddess
05. The Ability That I Want to Obtain?
06. Threatened Daily Life
07. Before the Departure…
08. We’re Hungry Because We’re Alive
09. Reincarnated in Another World
10. The Town of Beginnings
11. Puzzle
12. Welcome to the Entrance to Hell
13. Dead Broke
14. Healing Goddess
15. Give Blessings to Us on the Road!
16. Hand-to-Mouth Life
17. Quest Start
18. Low Intelligence
19. Tendon
20. Failure
21. KonoSuba Eyecatch Part 1
22. Party Member Recruitment
23. The Person Who Controls Explosion Magic
24. Chunibyo
25. Like a Seal
26. We’re Just Smartly Dressed.
27. KonoSuba Eyecatch Part 2
28. Together with Friends
29. Crusading for a Living
30. Everyday Delusion
31. Little Adventurer (TV-size) -off vocal ver.
32. fantastic dreamer (TV-size) -off vocal ver.-
33. The Adventure Continues
34. Joy
35. KonoSuba Eyecatch Part 3
36. Start of the Investigation
37. Skill
38. Steal
39. Birds of a Feather Flock Together!
40. Gather! Adventurers
41. Invasion of the Enemy
42. Protecting Our Uneventful Life
43. Explosion
44. Accomplishment
45. You Should Have Many Companions
46. Victory of the Wonders of Nature
47. Devout Axis Worshiper
48. The Town Sleeps
49. Fanfare of Light
50. Free from Worldliness
51. Close Call
52. Confrontation
53. KonoSuba Eyecatch Part 4
54. Promise
55. Give Good Luck on This Wonderful Party!
56. What Will Be Waiting Tomorrow?
57. Little Adventurer (TV-size)


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