Soundtrack que incluye la música de las dos temporadas, con música compuesta por Michiru Oshima, ya saben que se comparte!!


Disco 1
01. Shirayuki: The Image of Tranquillity
02. Bright Hopes (TV EDIT)
03. Contact
04. Shirayuki: The Journey
05. The Meeting: Prologue
06. Obstinacy: Confidence
07. Reconciliation: The Beginning of Two People
08. The Meeting: A Day of Destiny
09. Uneasiness
10. Trap
11. The Prince of Clarines
12. Close Aides
13. Mihaya
14. Refreshing Morning
15. Obi
16. Duty
17. Ryu
18. The Meeting: The End of the First Day
19. Mysterious Illness
20. Negotiation
21. Every Day is New
22. Izana
23. Choice
24. Raji’s Transformation
25. Dilemma
26. Shirayuki: A Sincere Attitude
27. Drunk?
28. Barriers of Social Status
29. Interference
30. Atri’s Death
31. The Curtain of Night
32. The Meeting: Feelings of Desire for Each Other
33. Kihal
34. Shirayuki: Let’s Look Ahead!
35. The Meeting: The Kiss of Two People
36. Carrying Bonds (TV EDIT)


Disco 2
01. Vigilance
02. Your Voice Will Become My Map (TV EDIT)
03. Patience
04. The Unparalleled Stupid Prince
05. Malice
06. Double Kidnapping
07. Great Battle
08. The Prince’s Resolution
09. Raji’s Violin: Affection
10. Good Memories: Good Companions
11. Shirayuki’s Growth: The Achievement of Standing by Zen’s Side
12. Page ~The Story That I’m Writing With You~ (TV EDIT)
13. Silver World (OVA EDIT)


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