Versión para coleccionistas que no querían o podían comprar los DVD o BR que incluían el Soundtrack, cuatro discos con toda la música de la serie (las dos temporadas), más música nueva, remixes y algunas arregladas que se incluyeron mal en los previos Soundtrack, música compuesta por Yuki Kajiura, ya saben que se


01. swordland
02. the first town
03. fight!
04. friendly feelings
05. a tender feeling
06. feel uneasy
07. welcome to this world
08. he rules us
09. death game
10. stand at bay
11. a close battle
12. at our parting
13. weird place
14. quiet strain
15. a tense situation
16. taut nerves
17. a strategy meeting
18. march down
19. gracefully
20. left in suspense
21. luminous sword
22. confront battle
23. in your past
24. a tiny love
25. everyday life
26. at our parting ~piano only
27. despaired
28. a squabble
29. smile for me
30. at nightfall
31. survive the swordland
32. no way
33. a narrow escape
34. with my friend
35. a tiny love ~harp only
36. we have to defeat it
37. friendly feelings ~piano only
38. critical phase
39. at our parting ~Vc only


01. swordland~to be continued
02. is this love?
03. she is still sleeping
04. Oberon
05. climbing up the world tree
06. a new world of fairies
07. Yui
08. in time of peace
09. last flight
10. aerial fight
11. got to win
12. fly, if you can
13. town in the morning
14. in the cage
15. I wonder
16. is this love? ~piano only ver.
17. past sadness
18. fly higher and faster
19. victory
20. fight with a devil
21. reconciliation
22. false king
23. dance with me
24. aincrad
25. like in the glass
26. in this world
27. swordbreaking land
28. in this cruel land


01. gunland
02. this psychedelic world
03. Death Gun
04. think tenderly of you
05. daily life, you and me
06. something is strange
07. creeping up
08. unnaturally tense
09. inside information
10. concerning operation
11. a pressing danger
12. shooting it out
13. where's my enemy?
14. they start fighting
15. continuing suspense
16. she has to overcome her fear
17. good bye, again and again
18. no-escape
19. her actual world
20. her cruel past
21. goodbye, again and again ~noisy
22. looking back on those days
23. her tragic memory
24. crooked mind
25. a brisk conversation
26. he, or she?
27. shoot 'em up!
28. quickly and without fail
29. drive your way
30. Bullet of Bullets
31. another state of emergency
32. think tenderly of you ~Mbox ver
33. I'm always thinking of you
34. so I met her
35. a bleak and desolate land
36. she's a knockout!
37. fighting hard and close
38. you are the winner!
39. peace, again


01. desolate landscape
02. Tonky
03. in this place
04. Freyja
05. Urd
06. in another land
07. running out of crisis
08. the appearance of Thrymr
09. defeat him and get it!
10. in the battle field, once again
11. fly away from here!
12. a sad quarrel
13. run, run, runaway
14. you are not alone #2
15. light your sword
16. heartbreaking reality
17. you are not alone
18. tears for you
19. moon and shadow
20. you are not alone ~Ac. G ver.
21. school days, with you
22. you are not alone #3
23. trying to understand
24. cold and wild
25. you are not alone ~piano ver.


Las canciones en negrita son nuevas

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